The Wang Clan was one of the Four Great Clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. They resided on Planet North Reed, along with the Song Clan and the Li Clan. Like most other big clans they have multiple branch clans; one of the Wang Clan branches was on South Heaven in the Southern Domain.

History Edit

They surrendered to the Immortal God Continent during the war perhaps due to the fact that they have the bloodline of a God (as often insinuated) and truly did not feel any connection to the Mountain and Sea Realm. They escaped the massive effect of self-detonations of the numerous clans, sects and cultivators that pretended to make peace with the Outsiders, due to having a Paragon from the Immortal God Continent moving them out of harm's way.

They were a non-participant during the initial skirmishes between the Vast Expanse School and the Immortal God Continent. They, along with Wang Lin's descendant, Situ Nan, and seven other people, were free from the black mist that covered all of the beings in the Immortal God Continent. The black mist was the method the will of Allheaven used to control the puppets of the Immortal God Continent.

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Other MembersEdit

  • Wang Lihai — Dao Child of Wang Clan
  • Wang Mu — Main Clan Chosen

South Heaven branch membersEdit

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