That kid was always smart. He never wanted to study carpentry from me. He would spend all day thinking about other things. Good, good. If he can go out to study, it’s a good thing.
Uncle Wang after hearing news of his son
on Chapter 45: A Look Back at the Mortal World After Three Years

Uncle Wang is the father of Wang Youcai. He owns a carpentry shop. He appears for a single chapter and was mentioned a few times in the first half of Book 1.


His son, Wang Youcai, has always voiced his reservations about inheriting his trade. As the only son of the family he was expected to later become like him, a carpenter. Before that happened however, Youcai was kidnapped by Xu Qing and brought into Reliance Sect.[1]

After a few years, he would be visited by Meng Hao who informed him of Wang Youcai's well-being. As the father of a child gone missing, he fell into a state of depression that slowly aged him. When news of Youcai came, he was gladdened and joyful upon hearing that Youcai is living well. He was told that his son will return in a few years.[2] He was later indeed visited by Youcai himself after some time to bring his father's last few grievances to rest.

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