Also See: Dao Corroboration Tribulation

The True Immortal Tribulation is the tribulation someone will have to go through in order to become a True Immortal.

True Immortal TribulationEdit

The Door of Immortality will descend and anybody that is at the Peak of Dao Seeking and was born on the planet the destiny is on can fight against the person who has the destiny to become a True Immortal in order to take it for them self.

Stages of True Immortal TribulationEdit

After to Door of Immortality descends you will constantly be attacked by tribulation lightning while opening the Door of Immortality, after the Door is opened a certain amount Spirit Extermination Tribulation Wind will descend until the Door is fully opened or you are dead.

  1. Tribulation Lightning
  2. Spirit Extermination Tribulation Wind

Consequences of InterferingEdit

Anybody that is not vying for Immortal Destiny will be punished with Tribulation Lightning that is even more powerful than the Tribulation Lightning striking the other people.

Eventually if you're powerful enough to survive the lightning and you still don't give up your body will start to decay.