The Transcendence Path had always been of vital importance. It could even be considered a trial by fire that gave birth to the reserve power of the entire sect.
on Chapter 1483: On the Transcendence Path!

The Transcendence Path is one of the two trials by fire for the disciples of the Vast Expanse School, with the other being the Vast Expanse Shrine. It is located in spacial rifts out in the Vast Expanse and outside of the Vast Expanse School. Only disciples under the Dao Realm are allowed to partake in this trial. Though, in some cases, exceptionally talented disciples of the Ancient Realm could also partake such as Fang Mu.


It bore the name Transcendence, but the truth was although Transcendence was a possibility, what was more likely was that those who walked it would benefit from the Baptism. According to the legends, if you could reach a certain point on the Transcendence Path, you would receive a Baptism, and thus, good fortune.


The Transcendence Path is broken up into two parts the body of the lamp and its flame. As for the flame, it is further broken up into three parts. The outer flame, the inner flame, and the heart of the flame.


The outer appearance of the Transcendence Path looks like a bronze lamp, and enormous bronze lamp that is impossible to describe.


The burning flame of the lamp was made up of three parts, the outer flame, the inner flame, and the heart of the flame…. Apparently, they formed three different dimensions within the world, and the light they cast illuminated everything therein.

The world was vastly enormous, as was the bronze lamp. In addition to the dimension in the flame, the body of the bronze lamp itself also contained its own dimension. [1]


The Transcendence Path is basically a path one needs to continue walking, as if a mortal, while bearing through immense pressure being afflicted on one. When Meng Hao reached a new region after walking for three years, the pressure inflicted on him increased tenfold, which almost caused him to lose his life. The farther one traveled along the path, the more terrifying the pressure got. Furthermore, there was no warning; it would happen in an instant.

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