The Song Clan is one of the former five great Sects of the Southern Domain. Due to their non-participation from the Southern Domain Civil War, they were spared of any repercussion by the Blood Demon Sect.[citation needed] As such, they maintained their previous position as one of the top organization of the Southern Domain, alongside the Violet Fate Sect.


During the Song Clan search for son-in-law, Meng Li almost killed Song Jia's mother for trying to use augury to look at Meng Hao's past. This forced the Dao Reserve Corpse of the Song Clan to beg forgiveness of Meng Li, following which it instructed Patriarch Song to spread word amongst the Song Clan that no one is to offend Meng Hao.[citation needed] During the World Tree trial, the patriarch of the Song Clan stated that Song Yunshu, the dao child of the Song Clan, passed this trial in two opportunities. In truth, he got lucky and guessed correctly. Meng Hao passed the trial in a completely unprecedented way and shocked everyone. Afterwards, he took the reward and escaped due to everyone seeing his Sublime Spirit Scripture.[citation needed]

During the Demon Immortal Sect's third level's opening, Meng Hao didn't take any spirit stones from Song Jia due to guilt for his hot-blooded and stupid actions during the Song Clan's search for a son-in-law. He even gave her a few treasure to atone for his actions.[citation needed]

During the Ancient Dao Lakes eruption, Meng Hao didn't take any dao lakes from the Song Clan because they didn't bully the spirit severing patriarchs of the Blood Demon Sect when they were down. [citation needed]

During the Southern Domain Civil War, the Song Clan, much like Violet Fate Sect, decided not to participate in the battle against the Blood Demon Sect, which earned them the goodwill of the Blood Demon Sect disciples and patriarchs, alike.[citation needed]

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