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Shangguan Xiu is one of the several antagonists in I Shall Seal the Heavens that was killed earlier in on the story.


A greedy, immoral pock-faced old man who would do anything at all costs to attain what he wanted.


An Elder of the Reliance Sect, who was originally from Milky Way City. Due to his connections to Milky Way City, he became an elder despite his cultivation base. His estranged daughter, Shangguan Mu thoroughly disdains him.


He first appeared during the first Pill Distribution Day Meng Hao attended in Reliance Sect. He personally delivered pills for the Outer Sect Disciples, He was accompanied by Xu Qing and Chen Fan. Meng Hao made quite an impression on him after the kid decided to offer the Dry Spirit Pill he won to Xu Qing instead.[1]

He was in possession of a secret formula to create a Perfect Foundation Pill and the Perfect Gold Core Pill. He came to suspect that Meng Hao had a magical item with duplication abilities, which he dearly needed to concoct the Perfect Foundation Pill. He then tried to confirm this by having Han Zong summon Meng Hao to his residence and personally rummaging Meng Hao's bag of holding but much to his disappointment, found none. This, however, merely strengthened his suspicions. He then tried to follow Meng Hao after that event and tried to attack him and Li Fugui. Meng Hao temporarily saved themselves by signing in for the Inner Sect Promotion battle.

He later chased Meng Hao on numerous occasions, with the intent of killing him and seizing his treasures. Eventually, Meng Hao kills him and takes the secret formula.


  • The surname "Shangguan" (上官) is quite an unknown family name. His name, "Xiu" (), is the same character as the ones that appears in "Cultivation" and "Cultivator". (Source: Wuxiaworld)

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