The first requirement of the incantation is that you possess a righteous, noble aura. Then, you must have a fearless heart. You have to place the Eighth Mountain and Sea within your heart, and then do the same for all the other Mountains and Seas, until all Nine Mountains and Seas are inside of you. After that, you can… force the Mountain and Sea Realm to recognize you as its Lord! If you succeed, then you will have completed the first step of the incantation. After that is the second step, Sealing the Heavens. You will have to seal each one of the 33 Heavens, which will in turn cause your cultivation base to increase by a factor of 100% with each sealing! After sealing the 33 Heavens, then, theoretically speaking, your cultivation base should be 33 times more powerful!
Noble Ran about the Seal The Heavens Incantation
on Chapter 1227: Daoist Priest!

The The Dao is in My Heart, The Will is in My Eyes, I Shall Possess the Mountains and Seas, Seal the Heavens Incantation or commonly called the Seal the Heavens Incantation, is a Daoist magic created by Noble Ran who later passed it onto Meng Hao. Meng Hao would ultimately use this as the base when he created his Ninth Demon Sealing Hex.

Definition and History Edit

This technique was created by Noble Ran. Its origin and how it was brought into existence is unknown. It is an extremely powerful and supreme Daoist magic that although Noble Ran can only use ten percent of its full power, can actually call on the entire Mountain and Sea Realm.[1]  The first eight disciples that studied the incantation all died in strange ways whilst training in it.[2]

Later, during the war with the 33 Heavens and the Immortal God Continent and the Devil Realm Continent, when Meng Hao officially acquired the Mountain and Sea Realm; he realized that this ability can be used to control the Mountain and Sea Realm as a magical treasure.[citation needed]

Users Edit

Creator Edit

Inheritor(s) Edit

  • Eight former disciples of Noble Ran (incomplete)
  • Meng Hao (true inheritor)

Known Facts Edit

  • As Meng Hao once observed, this single technique can easily turn the tides of war and turn it on its head.[1]
  • After Meng Hao awoke from his 1000 year coma, he realized his path to transcendence and one of the requirements needed was for him to create his Ninth Demon Sealing Hex;[3] he then decided that his Ninth Hex will be molded from the Seal the Heavens Incantation and called it "Seal the Heavens Hex".
  • It was never revealed how Noble Ran created this divine technique.

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