Paragon is a designation used as a rank for cultivators who have cultivated until, at least, the seventh essence of Dao Realm. All cultivators from the seventh essence till borderline Transcendence are referred to as Paragons.

Most of the realms in the Vast Expanse tend to have at least one Paragon.

Essentially, Paragons are still within Dao Realm, but the gap in power between 6-Essences and 7-Essences experts is likened to the differences between a True Immortal stage cultivator and an Ancient Realm expert; a whole cultivation realm. The same goes between 7-Essences and 8-Essences as well as 8-Essences to 9-Essences Paragons.

List of Paragons Edit

  • 33 Heavens:
    • Dao Fang (8-Essences)
    • Xuan Fang (7-Essences)
    • Mythdragon (7-Essences)
    • Paragon Puppet Eegoo (former; 7-Essences)
    • Middle-aged man Paragon (8-Essences) — later became 9-Essences Paragon
    • Middle-aged woman Paragon (8-Essences) — killed by Meng Hao after transforming into the Demon.
    • Dao Fang (Quasi-9-Essences)
    • Middle-aged man Paragon (Quasi-9-Essences)
    • and two new Quasi-9-Essences Paragon
  • Immortal God Continent:
    • Middle-aged woman Paragon (9 Essences) — who heavily obstructed and injured Meng Hao
    • Old-man Paragon (8-Essences) — fought against Immortal Ancient
    • Peak 9-Essences Paragon leader, and innumerable unnamed and unmentioned entities.
  • Vast Expanse School:
    • Meng Hao (former Peak 9-Essences/ current Transcendor)
    • Sha Jiudong (Great Circle of 9-Essences)
    • Sect Leader (Great Circle of 9-Essences)
    • Immortal Bai Wuchen (Great Circle of 9-Essences)
    • Jin Yunshan (Great Circle of 9-Essences)
    • Chi Feng (Early 9-Essences Paragon)
    • Meng Hao's two Peak 8-Essences Paragon Subordinates
    • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th Paragons (Mid 9-Essences)
    • Countless unnamed and unmentioned 7 and 8-Essences Paragons
    • A few unnamed and unmentioned 9-Essences Paragons