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The Nirvana Brand is a heaven-defying Daoist magic that allows one to undergo Nirvanic Rebirth four times. It is presumably a divine technique that is only used by the Fang Clan. This magic is symbolized by a green mark on the hand of the individual under the effects of this technique. Once the said individual reaches the Foundation Establishment stage this mark or brand would appear, then disappears after some time.[1] Each time the person reaches another stage in their cultivation, it would again reappear.[2]

Known FactsEdit

  • Meng Hao who, among the other members of the clan was the only one born with this mark, underwent rebirth three times.
  • Anyone born with the Nirvana Brand produces a Nirvana Fruit with every reincarnation. Meng Hao, who was reborn thrice, created three. [citation needed]
  • Shui Dongliu hinged his hopes on the Fang Clan for this daoist magic and had it play a major role unto his plot for the oncoming war with the Mountain and Sea Realm's old nemeses; the Devil Realm Continent and the Immortal God Continent.

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