Fang Hehai
Grandma Fang
Grandma Meng
Grandpa Meng
Ke Yunhai
Fang Xiufeng
Meng Li
Ke Jiusi
Sun Hai
Fang Yu
Meng Hao
Xu Qing
Unnamed Daughter
2 Unnamed Sons
Little Treasue


  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic or foster relationships
  • denote deceased individuals
  • Little Treasure is Meng Hao's clone
  • Ke Yunhai and Ke Jiusi are Meng Hao's foster family

Li "Fatty" Fugui Edit

One of the people Meng Hao was abducted with to Reliance Sect by Xu Qing. Li Fugui admires Meng Hao because of his many astonishing achievements.

Chen Fan Edit

Chen Fan is one of Meng Hao’s friends from the Reliance Sect. Very talkative and extremely loyal. 

Wang Youcai Edit

He was among the group of five who were abducted to Reliance Sect. He is a steadfast person and whose determination will not lose out to Meng Hao.

Chu Yuyan Edit

Meng Hao first met Chu Yuyan when she tried to steal his Spring and Autumn tree. However, they ended up being swept up by the winds of a roc and ended up in the Ancient Temple of Doom. After leaving, Chu Yuyan unwittingly developed feelings for Meng Hao under her anger for him. Afterwards, Chu Yuyan developed intense admiration for Grandmaster Pill Cauldron who she later found was Fang Mu aka Meng Hao. She was later heartbroken when she found out about Meng Hao's relationship with Xu Qing.

Guyiding Tri-RainEdit

Ultimate Vexation Edit

Meng Hao met him during his search for the Classic of Time in Black Sieve Sect's blessed land with Han Bei where Ultimate Vexation bonds him master. He has the power to change forms but originally appears in the form of a 'Meat Jelly'. Meng Hao uses Ultimate Vexation to torture others and uses his shape-shifting abilities to disguise himself as Fang Mu during his time in Violet Fate Sect.

Lord Fifth Edit

Meng Hao first met him after he unsealed him from the copper mirror just after he escaped to the Black Lands and reached the Core Formation stage. Over time he has helped Meng Hao on several occasions especially with Ultimate Vexation. With Meng Hao spending so much time with him Meng Hao has unconsciously adapted with the same vulgar language that Lord Fifth uses.

Blood Mastiff Edit

Meng Hao's Blood Divinity from Blood Immortal Legacy tournament.

Grandmaster Pill Demon Edit

Meng Hao's master he kowtowed to three times during his time in the East Pill Division of the Violet Fate Sect, disguised as Fang Mu, he becomes Grandmaster Pill Demon's second Legacy Apprentice.

Patriarch Blood Demon Edit

Though they never had the master-disciple relationship that Meng Hao had with Pill Demon and Noble Ran, Blood Demon can be said to be his master as he was the one who made Meng Hao the successor to his Blood Demon Grand Magic.

Noble Ran Edit

Passed on to him the Seal the Heavens Incantation, Meng Hao's most powerful daoist magic to date.

Patriarch Reliance (Dao Protector) Edit

Meng Hao's Dao Protector for being the Ninth Generation Demon Sealer. Unlike his name implies he is not very reliable and is very greedy. After his seal was lifted off of his original body he ran and hid away from Meng Hao in the Milky Way Sea for several hundred years until by coincidence Meng Hao found him. While Meng Hao was in the Demon Immortal Sect Meng Hao meet a younger Patriarch Reliance and to get revenge for running away and hiding Meng Hao beat him up so bad that he had to create an island (now known as State of Zhao) on his back just to cover up his destroyed shell.

Li Ling'erEdit

While Li Ling'er cannot truly be considered his friend, they were once childhood playmates. Meng Hao once burned her hair when they were kids which could have caused her to hold a grudge against Meng Hao. They were engaged to one another as part of both their clans' efforts to solidify their clans' relationship, an engagement which would later be dissolved.