Disciple has something to say.

Being able to come to the Reliance Sect and experience the wonders of living amidst Immortals has been a wonderful stroke of good fortune. Disciple would very much like to offer thanks to the one person who made this possible.

Disciple has been waiting day and night for another opportunity to lay eyes on her, to offer thanks in person. Today, I finally have that opportunity.

That person is Elder Sister Xu. Elder Sister Xu, Junior Brother is extremely appreciative of what you did, and is truly unable to pay you back. I would like to offer this pill to you as a measure of my thanks to you for giving me a new lease on life.
Meng Hao upon being given the Dry Spirit Pill
on Chapter 5: This Kid isn't Bad!

The etiquette, happiness, kindness and justice of Confucianism, and its search for truth, demands a refraining from killing. But the Sect says ‘the strong shall prey on the weak.’ Now I understand the truth of that saying, but to actually put it into practice is different…
Meng Hao
on Chapter 9: Patience and Frustration

Elder Brother Zhao provoked me. I had to strike back. I tried to smooth things out, but he refused. I killed someone, but I tried to be reasonable. I tried to be kind, but he rushed into death.

The mirror reeks of blood. In the hands of an evildoer, it would be a tool of evil, but in my hands, it will be different. I have Confucian kindness in my heart, and this treasure is mine. It will be different.

It doesn’t just explode things, and doesn’t just seek blood. In the future, I will use it carefully.

Success or failure. Now we’ll see. If it’s a success, then Meng Hao’s cultivation practice will be anything but ordinary.
Meng Hao after killing Zhao Wugang
on Chapter 9: Patience and Frustration

If I looked like him, I could have placed first in the Imperial examinations. I could have married the Emperor's daughter.
Meng Hao after seeing Wang Tengfei for the first time
on Chapter 10: Wang Tengfei (Chapter)

Brothers, the moment of life or death has arrived. You don’t have any medicinal pills left, but don’t worry, I have some right here.

At this critical juncture, buy one of my Soul Congealing Pills. It will restore your energy in a flash, and even recover your spiritual energy. Brothers, you’re not buying a medicinal pill, you’re buying spiritual energy. Aiyo, you’re injured!
Meng Hao cajoling every possible customer into buying his wares
on Chapter 12: Hello, Elder Sister Xu

Too bad she’s so cold, otherwise I would think about marrying her.
Meng Hao about Xu Qing
on Chapter 13: Manly Cao Yang

After entering the sect and beginning my Cultivation practice, I had no choice… but to rob some people to improve my Cultivation base. But I don’t want to hurt too many people. Thus, I came up with the idea of running a business. But now my business has been stolen away, and I’ve been threatened with crippling… That is pushing things too far!
Meng Hao about Lu Gong's obvious provocations
on Chapter 14: Threats

The law of the jungle. All of my problems are because my Cultivation base is too low. A true man doesn’t just take the suffering, he does something about it.
Meng Hao after losing to Wang Tengfei
on Chapter 16: Come!

Go! Get out… of here…. Do you hear me…? Go! I’m telling you to leave!
Meng Hao ordering the Blood Mastiff to save itself
on Chapter 127: This is My Promise to You

As of now, the Legacy isn’t important to me. I don’t care about it a bit. But I’m going to take you out of here with me. This is Meng Hao’s promise to you!
Meng Hao's promise to the Blood Mastiff
on Chapter 127: This is My Promise to You

Are you two … looking to die?!?!
Meng Hao Finding Zhao Shanhe about to rape Xu Qing
on Chapter 150: Simple and Uncomplicated

You’re surnamed Zhao? I just killed another guy surnamed Zhao. His name was Zhao Binwu
Meng Hao Telling Zhao Shanhe he had just killed his cousin
on Chapter 151: I'll Do It Myself

I used to be a scholar, Once I read an ancient text that was said to be from the Great Tang in the Eastern Lands. It described thousands of bizarre execution methods. There was one that, after I read about it, caused me to have nightmares for days. How do you want to die? I’ll let you decide.
Meng Hao Ccrushing every bone in Zhao Shanhe's body while questioning Xue Yuncui
on Chapter 151: I'll Do It Myself

Believe your granny!!
Meng Hao trying to deal with Meat Jelly
on Chapter 176: Believe Your Granny

But that choice… is not a choice born of my will…. Conforming to convention is emptiness, Yielding to and complying with the Heavens is well and good. Unending persistence is fine, too. However, I cannot choose either of those.
Meng Hao choosing a path
on Chapter 199: The Tenth Path!

I am Meng Hao from the State of Zhao
Meng Hao answering Zhou Jie's challenge
on Chapter 201: The Dao Child Fights!

I’m not home
Meng Hao blowing off Chu Yuyan
on Chapter 222: Signs of Rocking the Violet Fate Sect

Who are these people? From today on, I will not accept any medicinal pill orders from this Liu Yanbing. Not just him, Those people behind him, too. I won’t accept any orders from them either. Because I’m Fang Mu! I’m only one among a thousand master alchemists in the East Pill Division. Maybe my pills aren’t worth looking at. So from now on, I won’t concoct pills for anyone who has any dealings with you. Also, if I hear of anyone selling you one of my pills, then that person will also be cut off from me. Except, you know what? You offended me… Therefore, for the next one hundred years, not a single master alchemist will concoct pills for you!
Meng Hao blacklisting Liu Yanbing
on Chapter 227: Pill Blacklist!

My Spirit Stones! My 200,000,000 Spirit Stones! Pill Demon, you bought my pill. Give me my Spirit Stones!
Meng Hao Shouting about Pill Demon's refusal to pay him
on Chapter 236: More Aftershocks

If you add in the fact that I’m Grandmaster Pill Cauldron, then would you say I’m qualified enough?
Meng Hao proving his qualifications
on Chapter 291: A Thousand Pills Form a Cauldron!

I am the Ninth Generation Demon Sealer! I SHALL SEAL THE HEAVENS!
Meng Hao
on Chapter 387: The Ninth Generation Demon Sealer's First Sealing of the Heavens!

Blood represents life!

“The Violet Sea represents death!

“When life and death collide, that is extermination. When life and death mix together, it is the source of all life…. This is my fifth element Water!

“It represents life, and also represents death. It is a source of extermination, and also a source of life!

“My Water-type totem will form my first Nascent Soul. Its color is a combination of violet and blood. It… is my fifth element, Water, my Blood-Violet Nascent Soul!
Meng Hao after gaining enlightenment of the Violet Sea and making it one of his anima
on Chapter 521: When the Tear Fell Into the Sea

When practicing cultivation, Cultivators must not allow dread into their hearts. They must always proceed forward! That Demoness Zhixiang is an Immortal… but for the moment, she’s fallen into the mortal world. There’s no reason not to cooperate with her one more time.
Meng Hao's decision after contemplating whether to cooperate with Zhou Zhixiang in the Realm of the Bridge Ruins
on Chapter 467: Soil Vortex!

That means… I… yet again wasted more than 2,000,000 Spirit Stones? Fudge!
Meng Hao realizing the value of Demon Hearts
on Chapter 659: I Struck It Super Rich!

In life, one can only hope to have freedom and independence; in life, one can only seek his own happiness! I knew all along that the 10th Wang Clan Patriarch would be coming. Therefore, what’s the point in hesitating?
Meng Hao after being placed between two enemies
on Chapter 675: Reverend Silverlamp!

Xu Qing, if you can sacrifice your life for me, then I can do the same for you! From this day forward, you are my beloved. Heaven and Earth can bear witness to my words. You live, I live. You die, I die!
Meng Hao right before "storming the castle"
on Chapter 694: He Came!

Patriarch, as the Blood Prince, I have a license to kill, right? How many disciples’ lives are covered by it?
Meng Hao right before "cleaning house"
on Chapter 703: Heart of the Blood Demon

Meng Hao after hearing the tale
on Chapter 754: The Tale of Chen Fan

However, my goal cannot merely be to exceed any other person. My goal… for all eternity… will be to exceed myself! To constantly exceed myself, to continually break through my own barriers! I will always walk my own path, all the way to the end! Thus, the Dao of Meng Hao is a direction. Freedom! Independence! No cares or worries! What I want, the Heavens shall NOT lack! What I don’t want, had BETTER not exist in the Heavens! Being domineering. Having freedom. This… is the Dao of Meng Hao!
Meng Haos Dao
on Chapter 755: I Pray That You Find Happiness

Does it hurt? Qing’er didn’t want me to see her pain over these past few days. She endured it. Can you imagine how a fragile girl like her was able to endure such shocking pain? I’ve also experienced such pain. Now, it’s your turn.
Meng Hao getting revenge for The Hellwither Nineruins Incense Curse
on Chapter 775: FIGHT!

From the moment I started practicing cultivation, I’ve heard Chosen like you say things like that when they’re about to die. Do you know how annoying it is!?
Meng Hao teaching Taiyang Zi a lesson
on Chapter 817: Here You Go, Inky!

I’m from the archaic Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite! My dad is—
Meng Hao Mocking The Ninth Mountain and Sea Chosen
on Chapter 817: Here You Go, Inky!

My Dao is the endless path of life, freedom and independence! Now, I am restrained by these chains, which is the furthest thing from freedom! My heart is unconstrained. If Heaven and Earth collapse, it will not be destroyed. If all living things become ancient, it will not wither. But now, it hesitates!

My Dao is not free, but I desire freedom! My heart hesitates, but I wish to persist past the point of hesitation! This trial by fire is testing me, and I’m using it to polish my Dao. In this way, although I might seem to be restrained, in actuality they are nothing but chains. They can’t tie me up, they can only polish my Dao! As for my heart, if I wish it to be unhesitating, then I need to endure. Endure to the point… where I do not feel pain in this trial by fire, but instead, happiness!

When I pass this stage, then I will be truly free, and my heart will be incredibly strong!
Meng Hao Solidifying his Dao heart of Freedom
on Chapter 861: First Place!

Thank you. This feeling is… wonderful. It’s too bad that this state doesn’t conform with my Dao Heart. I thought I had completely severed it away, and never imagined that it still existed…. In any case, I still have to thank you for helping me to realize that it was here all along. And now… I will give you a grand burial ceremony!
Meng Hao becoming the devil once again
on Chapter 878: Eclipsing Everything

Junior Cousin Fang Wei, apparently, I beat the crap out of you too hard when we were young. That’s the only explanation for why you’ve become such a nutcase. Otherwise, what would possibly make you think it was acceptable to steal from me?

Could it be that as long as something belongs to me, you’ll try to steal it?

Your twisted view of life is really my fault. In the future, I’ll do my best to help you correct the error of your ways.
Meng Haos after listening to Fang Wei state his thefts
on Chapter 897: Fang Wei!

How pretentious of you!

In terms of status, I am the eldest grandson. In terms of bloodline, my Bloodline Gatebeam was 30,000 meters. In terms of clan seniority, I’m your Elder Cousin. It’s my duty to admonish you, and you have no grounds upon which you would be justified in resisting! Since you insist on spewing hogwash, I have to ask you, Fang Wei… do YOU want to die?

Grand Elder, Fang Wei has shown disrespect to his elders, which undermines the norms of etiquette, a sin that neither Heaven nor Earth can forgive. For a clan to prosper, it must have a standard of conduct. Given the Fang Clan’s status as a great clan of the Ninth Mountain and Sea, the rules must be stricter than others. Respect for seniority is the standard which must be met for the future growth of the clan!

Do the clan rules permit someone to act in this way? If not, then he has violated clan rules. What might the punishment be for such actions?
Meng Hao's response to to Fang Wei's Empty threat
on Chapter 898: Do You Want to Die?!

Argh, my spirit stones!!!
Meng Hao's first attempt reviving the Nirvana Fruits
on Chapter 907: I Definitely Don't Want It!

I’m going to become the richest person in all the Ninth Mountain and Sea!
Meng Hao's ambition
on Chapter 909: Cheating!

Material wealth is nothing, What I care least about in life is just that, money.
Meng Hao, inwardly shouting about how he was rich now.
on Chapter 911: Changes in the Dao of Alchemy Division

You’re simply not good enough. You even have my Nirvana Fruits, and yet you still don’t measure up.
Meng Hao to Fang Wei after beating the latter during the East Sun Ascension
on Chapter 937: One Punch!

The character ‘Immortal’ is made up of one person and one mountain. I should have a Dao Corroboration Mountain… My Dao Corroboration Mountain should be the mountain which forever remains in my memory… Mount Daqing.

It’s too bad that Mount Daqing is still in the State of Zhao, which was taken away by that bastard Patriarch Reliance. And right now, I have no idea where that old turtle bastard has gotten off to.

Since that’s the case, I will just have to become my own mountain. My fleshly body will be my mountain, and my soul will represent my life. One person 人, one mountain 山. I… am an Immortal 仙!
Meng Hao becoming his own mountain
on Chapter 970: Paragon Immortal Palaces!

Shameless, huh? Well... you people wanted to fight me to solidify your Dao hearts; you were even willing to gang up on me. If you defeated me, your Dao hearts would be freed of their obstruction. In that case, I think I need to collect some interest from you. If you think about it that way, I’m sure you’ll agree…. It was just as he had said to Fang Xiufeng, that his dream was to get all of the Chosen in the Ninth Mountain and Sea to owe him money. That dream… was already becoming a reality. All of a sudden, Meng Hao realized that he had actually set his ambitions a bit too low. I should have said that I want all of the Chosen in all the Nine Mountains and Seas to owe me money! As this grand ambition rose up in his heart, he looked up, and his long hair drifted in the wind. His energy pulsed, and it was as if his desire caused all of the starry sky to tremble. Countless ripples emanated out in all directions.
Meng Hao's new ambition
on Chapter 987: Meng Hao's Ambition!

Heyo! Ling’er! Wifey! You’re here too? Did you want to get married or something?
Meng Hao joking
on Chapter 988: Wanna Get Married, Wifey?!

How come it seems like these two guys are playing chess? One of them knows he can’t outplay the other, but he still gives the impression that if he gets pissed off enough, he could just flip over the game board…
Meng Hao taking a liking to The First generation Patriarch's style
on Chapter 1005: Hope Regarding the Ancient Realm!

Hey, they should give me some money!
Meng Hao realizing he was being used without getting anything out of it
on Chapter 1006: The Sword and the Shield of this Generation!

Patriarch, Senior, I would like to ask a question of the entire Demonic Cultivator Horde. Are you people even cultivators? Do you know what the biggest taboo among cultivators is?!

What exactly is your relationship with us cultivators of the Ninth Mountain and Sea? Do you think that as long as someone isn’t a member of the Demonic Cultivator Horde, you can kill them with impunity?!

You hate me? Fine, no problem. You can make a move on me, and if I die while fighting back, then nobody will think twice. But, let me ask you, Patriarch, and the rest of the Demonic Cultivator Horde, what is the meaning OF THIS!?

This is a dear friend from my hometown. She joined the Kunlun Society, and is still a disciple there. However, in order to deal with me, your Demonic Cultivator Horde kidnapped her and brought her here. You put her at death’s door and even poisoned her!

Fellow Daoists of the Nine Seas God World, if your friends or family were tortured in front of your very eyes, used as a threat against you, would you stand for it!?

What is the biggest taboo for cultivators, the most forbidden thing in the cultivation world? It’s THIS!

If everyone did things like this, then the world of cultivation would be thrown into chaos! I provoked the Demonic cultivators, and they kidnapped and tried to kill my dear friend! What happens if one of you provokes them? They’ll likely do the same thing, won’t they!? It’s a vicious cycle! Fellow cultivators, which of us could ever stand for such a thing!?
Meng Hao calling out the Demonic Cultivator Horde
on Chapter 1074: Tongue As Sharp As a Sword

You know, I’ve killed a lot of people. Many of them were schemers, and when I discovered their plots against me, I removed their heads.
Meng Hao confronting Jian Daozi's schemes for the first time
on Chapter 1091: The Scheming of Jian Daozi

You stepped into the Ancient Realm nine times, but then forced yourself back down and started over? That means you made nine mistakes, picked nine wrong paths. If your path was correct… the one time would be enough!
Meng Hao responding to Dao Heaven's gloating
on Chapter 1118: Fighting Dao-Heaven!

Before, I became a mountain obstructing the paths of the Chosen of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Today… I will become a towering peak that stands in the way of all of this generation of Echelon cultivators in the Mountain and Sea Realm!
Meng Hao upon beginning the fight with 3 other Echelon cultivators
on Chapter 1141: The Echelon Fights Meng Hao!

Well that’s funny, If you’re Meng Hao, then… who am I?
Meng Hao confronting The Black Bat
on Chapter 1169: Returning to the Crow Divinity Tribe!

Ladies and gentlemen, Fellow Daoists, welcome to my home. I’m pleased you could come. I haven’t been back for many years, and would like to sincerely thank all of you for your care and concern. You kept this place exactly as I remembered it. It is a great kindness shown to me by all cultivators of the Southern Domain. Therefore, I will speak of the Dao here, for seven days. During those seven days, all Southern Domain cultivators are welcome to stay and listen.

I will explain how my understanding of cultivation has evolved through the various stages, and will explain how I have been enlightened. After careful study, I have come to find that the Dao of Heaven and Earth, and one’s own Dao, is a willful return to one’s natural state…. Therefore, cultivation is also known as ‘cultivating truth.’ Of the two characters which make up the latter term, the first refers to the method, the second refers to the mental state…. Simply put, it is very similar to how I once described to someone the different Realms of life. In the past, various people have asked me what the Dao is…. My responses have varied depending on the occasion, the circumstances, and the level of my cultivation base. In fact, every single time, I gave a different answer. I’m not even sure what my answer will be the next time someone asks me.

However, there is one thing that will never change, as far as I can tell. And that is… that I don’t know what the Dao is. There are too many answers to the question. All I know… is that what I am pursuing is freedom and independence. To be free and unconstrained. That is my truth, and that is my Dao! In cultivating truth, what we cultivate… is the heart.

If your heart is steadfast, it cannot be trampled by Heaven or Earth, nor can it be broken by any living thing. You will never bow your head in acquiescence, and you will be able to advance without hesitation, and you will never stop moving forward. This is the meaning of cultivating the heart and cultivating the truth. It is traveling along the path of cultivation itself.

My life has been spent practicing cultivation. I started in the Qi Condensation stage, and now here I am, having experienced numerous twists and turns. I will merge my body, my mind, and my soul into an image which will become like a spirit in your heart. Observe it. Contemplate it. It can become the truth, the path, and the heart which you cultivate!
Meng Hao's sermon on The Dao
on Chapter 1172: A Sermon On The Dao, By The Sacred Ancient!

Become my follower, and I won’t kill you! Refuse, and I’ll destroy you in body and soul!
Meng Hao rebutting the Giant
on Chapter 1179: The Curse of Dao Fang!

“Ladies and gentlemen, Fellow Daoists, today is my father’s grand ceremony, If you wish to resolve debts and grudges in the customary way, go ahead. However, if you try to do so in a way that defies custom… well then, I’ll also defy custom.”
Meng Hao Countering the Ji Clan
on Chapter 1191: Fighting for Dad!

“Mountains have no worries, ’til hit with snowy flurries; waters feel no woe, ’til the winds do gust and blow….”
Meng Hao's sadness
on Chapter 1209: Mountains Have No Worries

My name is Meng Hao… I’m here for my best friend’s soul, and… to exterminate this sect!
Meng Hao to the Blacksoul Society Cultivators
on Chapter 1214: My Name is Meng Hao!

It’s too bad I can’t wait until the results come in. I definitely won’t fail this time. It’s too bad that either way, I won’t be able to become a grand official to realize my dream of being super rich….
Meng Hao after failing the Imperial examinations
on Chapter 1223: Is This a Dream?

There’s always something new to learn.... The further you travel, the more you see and experience. It's only then that you realize that there are Heavens beyond what you imagined could exist, and likewise, people who exceed your imagination. Likewise, whatever Daoist magics you knew, there are always more powerful ones out there!
Meng Hao after seeing Noble Ran perform the Seal the Heavens Incantation
on Chapter 1229: Did I Say You Could Go?

You know, if your smugness didn’t make me want to give you a good beating, we could probably be good friends…
Meng Hao Speaking to Han Qinglei
on Chapter 1236: We're Still Good Friends!

What kind of clan are you? Refining people into pills for pleasure? You completely lack any humanity whatsoever. What is the point… of leaving any of you behind?!
Meng Hao's disgust with his own Clan
on Chapter 1260: What Is The Point' Of Leaving Any Behind!?

I bet you don’t even have the balls to try and fight me!
Meng Hao Calling out the 8th Patriarch
on Chapter 1262: Activating the Clan Defense Formation

I’ll make sure you pay the price for trying to exterminate me, I might not be a match for you right now, but one day I will be. I’ll drag you out of those clouds and then make sure you die a painful death!
Meng Hao To The Ancient Realm Tribulation
on Chapter 1274: Opening The Door of the Ancient Realm!

You say you’re the Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea, but do you know who the entire Mountain and Sea Realm belongs to? This is MY Mountain and Sea Realm!
Meng Hao to the Seventh Mountain and Sea Lord
on Chapter 1299: Know This The Mountain and Sea Realm is Mine!

Trying to seduce me… into being a turncoat? You don’t qualify to try something like that. Did you three practice your cultivation wrong and turn into retards? Or were your brains always defective? This is the Mountain and Sea Realm, not the 1st Heaven! Everything here belongs to the Mountains and Seas, not you people. Just because you’re standing around here, doesn’t mean I need your permission to come and go, does it? You think that when I show up, you can just ‘step back and make way’ for me? The Mountain and Sea Realm and the 1st Heaven are at war. As for you three… what makes you so confident that I won’t just kill you?
Meng Hao telling off 3 foolish 5-Essences Outsider Cultivators
on Chapter 1327: Nothing More Than a Demonic Beast!

Killing people isn’t as effective as killing hearts! The key to war is not just victory in battle. It lies within the spirit… They’ve lost their courage, because I crushed their hearts. Without spirit, these Outsiders will become the first stepping stone in raising the morale of the cultivators of the Mountain and Sea Realm.
Meng Hao teaching Yuwen Jian
on Chapter 1328: Vale of the Godgrave!

So you do understand that there are limits to the wars of cultivators. Mortals should be left alone. I’m not sure about all of the other cultivators in the Mountains and Seas, But I live by the motto… an eye for an eye, blood for blood! Today, the extermination of the 1st Heaven is only the beginning!
Meng Hao berating Long Linzi
on Chapter 1341: The Dao Sovereign Escapes!

Paragon Xuan Fang, you threw yourself out as bait, so why are you in such a hurry to leave? You might be a Paragon, but you can’t just waltz in and out of the Mountain and Sea Realm whenever you feel like it.
Meng Hao Chasing Xuan Fang
on Chapter 1363: Sealing a Paragon!

Yup. I killed one, enslaved another, and forced a third to self-detonate. You are far from being a Paragon, so don’t worry, I won’t kill you.
Meng Hao to first Outsider beast within the 33 Hells
on Chapter 1374: Returning to the 33 Hells!

Gone…? Are they really gone…? You people, should die. You… shall die. You… MUST DIE! I was fighting back before. I didn’t want that defilement. But now I think, maybe that was a mistake…. Who cares about a bit of befoulment!?!? Who cares about some defilement? I don’t need my Dao. I don’t need my blood. I don’t need my soul. I only need… to kill you people! The only person who knows what choice I made back then, is me.
Meng Hao Becoming The Demon
on Chapter 1392: Happy Now?

Stay alive…. I’m not going to die. And one day, I’ll come back for all of you…. My family, my beloved, my clan, my friends, my Mountain and Sea Realm!
Meng Hao saying goodbye
on Chapter 1405: Wiping the Paragon Bridge from the Dao!

I decide whether you’re late or not…. It has absolutely nothing to do with you, Sixth Paragon. Do you think I need you punishing my subordinates? Do I look like I need your help? Who the hell do you think you are?! I think I need to leave my mark on you to help you remember what happened here today.
Meng Hao Reprimanding The Sixth Paragon
on Chapter 1422: Leave My Mark!

I’ve heard that a lot in my life, you know, When the critical moment arrives, people love to say ‘do you dare?’ Apparently, they think it actually stops people from doing something. I always answer in the same way…. Why don’t you say it again.
Meng Hao Berating Jin Yunshan
on Chapter 1434: Battling Jin Yunshan!

That’s not how to use that mirror shard, let me show you the correct way to use a shard from the copper mirror.
Meng Hao Correcting Bai Wuchen
on Chapter 1472: That's Not How To Use That Mirror Shard!

Yan’er, you just asked me what I’m going to do…? I’m going to take you sightseeing!
Fang Mu (Clone) to Yan’er
on Chapter 1479: Stepping On All the Sects' Shrines!

Yan’er, look at the clouds, the mountains, the sky, and the land. Remember this image. However grand your vision is, that is how grand your future can be. It is also how grand… your heart can be. We cultivators cultivate, not the body, but the heart!
Fang Mu (Clone) to Yan’er
on Chapter 1479: Stepping On All the Sects' Shrines!

I, Meng Hao, have never kowtowed to the Heavens, nor bowed to the Earth. What makes you think… that I would kneel to scum like you?!
Meng Hao to Song_Daozi
on Chapter 1502: Who Am I?

Elder Brother Chen Fan, even after some contemplation, I can’t think of any time that I ever let you down. Not once. I’ve always respected you, and no matter what happened, you have always been my Eldest Brother.

I cannot forget! I cannot forget those things which you say are illusions. I cannot forget that which exists in my mind. If those real things are actually illusions, a mere dream… then I would rather sink into that dream than ever wake up.
Meng Hao to Chen Fan
on Chapter 1511: I'm Meng Hao!!

Chen Fan, I’ve always respected you as my Elder Brother…. Enough with the act. You have your path that you must follow. I’m not sure why you did this, although I’m sure you have your reasons. I can’t blame you. I have my own path too.
Meng Hao calling out Chen Fan
on Chapter 1512: It All Falls Apart!

Meng Hao Responding to Lord Fifth
on Chapter 1516: The Return!

I am Meng Hao. Here I Transcend!
Meng Hao to all
on Chapter 1535: I Am Meng Hao, Here I Transcend!

By the power of my name, I hereby alter natural law, reverse time, and overturn the starry sky. Meat jelly, I call upon your soul to return from the stream of time!
Meng Hao reviving Meat Jelly
on Chapter 1539: The Meat Jelly Shall Be Resurrected

All those years ago, I made you a promise that I would help you become a sea.

Guyiding Tri-Rain, are you willing to become… the Ninth Sea of the Mountain and Sea Realm?

Meng Hao fulfilling his promise
on Chapter 1557: I Bestow Upon You the Title of Ninth Sea!

I call upon the power of my name to bless Guyiding Tri-Rain with Righteous Bestowal. Henceforth, you are the Ninth Sea!
Meng Hao creating the Ninth Sea
on Chapter 1557: I Bestow Upon You the Title of Ninth Sea!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust… I have to say that I respect you. And yet… attacking like this was probably not what you wished to do. Allow me to sever your puppet strings for you.
Meng Hao Realizing the truth
on Chapter 1567: Not Willing!

It’s over, My hatred for the Immortal God and Devil Realm Continents has come to an end. The hatred which festered for countless years is now resolved.
Meng Hao
on Chapter 1575: Battling the Devil Continent!

The Vast Expanse and I cannot exist together. Therefore, I will… topple the Vast Expanse! Without destruction, there cannot be creation. Allheaven, if you can become the will of the starry sky, then you can also be replaced. Neither the Ghost, the Devil nor the God succeeded in that. But this time… I will!
Meng Hao
on Chapter 1575: Battling the Devil Continent!

Allheaven, show your damned face right now!
Meng Hao
on Chapter 1576: All Beings Acknowledge Allegiance!

Seal all Karma connecting you to the starry sky of the Vast Expanse! Henceforth, your true form may exist outside of the Vast Expanse, but you may not step even half a pace inside. Neither your body nor your soul may enter. As of this moment, my will has replaced yours! The clone of Allheaven has been cut down. Henceforth, within the Vast Expanse, I am the Heavens!
Meng Hao after replacing Allheaven
on Chapter 1586: I am the Heavens!

Time... is limited
Meng Hao
on Chapter 1589: Time is Limited!

I watch blue seas become lush fields, Same scenery but filled with strangers...
Meng Hao
on Chapter 1592: Same Scenery, Filled with Strangers

I’m not dead, Nor did I have another battle with Allheaven. And I most certainly didn’t leave this starry sky.
Meng Hao to Jin Yunshan
on Chapter 1598: You're Still Here?!

Congratulations on beginning to walk the path of Transcendence. Your soul is still lacking, and at the moment, it’s a deficiency you cannot surpass. Leave. You already possess the power to depart from this starry sky. Go out into the Universe and search for the good fortune you need. Perhaps one day you will truly Transcend.
Meng Hao to Jin Yunshan
on Chapter 1598: You're Still Here?!

Allheaven, the time has come for our final battle. You’ve been hiding from me for tens of thousands of years, and I’ve also been hiding away. It’s time to sort things out once and for all.
Meng Hao deciding to truly fight Allheaven
on Chapter 1598: You're Still Here?!

Qing’er… my wife, You’ve been sleeping for so long. It’s time to wake up.
Meng Hao to Xu Qing after breaking Allheavens curse
on Chapter 1610: Whose Clone?