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Lord White is introduced as the Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea. He had his entire forces to wage a war against the neighboring Mountains and Seas in correspondence to the thought-out plan of the 33 Heavens.


After leading the Seventh Mountain and Sea to attack the Eighth Mountain and Sea, he encountered and fought against Meng Hao twice. The first battle ended in a tie with both sides being injured. However, before the second battle Meng Hao obtained the legacy of Lord Li, which was the Second and the Third Demon Sealing Hexes. Meng Hao also managed to extinguish four more of his soul lamps for a total of five extinguished. He was then able to easily kill Lord White. His death caused the 33 Heavens to prematurely attack the Mountain and Sea Realm and it was revealed that Lord White was an Outsider.

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