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Li Shiqi is one of the recurring characters in I Shall Seal the Heavens. In her first appearance, for reasons left unmentioned, she was disguised as a boy and was a Chosen of the Blood Demon Sect.


She was a Dao Child of the Blood Demon Sect, a Chosen of high standing within the sect. She was also Blood Demon's disciple.


In her first meeting with Meng Hao she is dressed like a man leading him to assume that she is just a beautiful man. Later, she spars against Meng Hao, him coming away as the victor. Afterwards, she is called "no rod" by Meat Jelly, which leads her to burst out in anger and flee the scene in embarrassment. During the Song Clan's search for a son in-law, Li Shiqi stood by Meng Hao in defense of the accusations against him.

Book 6

During the creation stage of the Ancient Road competition, Li Shiqi gained enlightenment of the blood orchid after which 14 stone steles descended.

She was recruited by the Patriarch of the Church of the Blood Orchid. Furthermore, she was promised the position of the Holy Daughter of the church due to her enlightenment being so important to the church.

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