My son has done well. He’s an Immortal! I will go burn some incense in the ancestral hall. This matter has brought glory to our family and ancestors.
Li Dafu upon learning that his son, Li Fugui now walks the path of a cultivator
on Chapter 47: Another Encounter with Shangguan Xiu

Li Dafu, also known as Moneybags Li, is Li Fugui's father. His family is the richest household within the Yunkai County, so much so that every stall in the market and every street bears the name "Li".


He had three long spears made at Meng Hao's behest when the latter visited Li Fugui's family [1] to thwart off Young Lord Zhao and Zhao Hai in their attempt to coerce the Li household. It must be noted that these three spears later became the cause for two Violet Fate Sect disciples' severe misfortunes, who made themselves believe that these spears are magical treasures.

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