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First seen during Meng Hao's time with the Crow Divinity Tribe. He stays in a different plane called the world of Ji and uses the Ji Clan fishing pole for Karmic Annihilation, which is an invisible ''blade" that destroys peoples sown Karma. During that process time is frozen after it's unfrozen everybody and everything that they have sown Karma with will forget their existence. After someone used a Occult Karma Magic and Meng Hao wasn't frozen he came back and tried to destroy Meng Haos Karma threads, and in the end Shui Dongliu reversed the damage that was done and even gave a chance for Meng Hao to drag him out of the world of Ji with the Flag of Three Streamers. After being captured he was exposed to the repeated torture of Ultimate Vexation and later on becoming one of Meng Hao's Soul of Lightning. His blood was one of the three drops of blood Meng Hao used to create the Ji Clan Blood Clone.