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As long as I am the Sect Leader of the Reliance Sect, I will not allow outsiders to bully and humiliate us. But there’s really no way for me to protect everyone… Even if you don’t exterminate the Reliance Sect, I fear that it cannot continue on for very long. Therefore… as of today, the Reliance Sect is disbanded. I have no further need of these trivial mountains!
He Luohua during the appearance of the false stone stele of the Sublime Spirit Scripture
on Chapter 41: A Sensation in the State of Zhao!

He Luohua is one of the minor characters in I Shall Seal the Heavens.


He is the Sect Leader of Reliance Sect. His past was left unknown, along with how he came to be the sect's leader.


Mentioned in passing for the first few chapters, he first appeared during the first pill distribution day Meng Hao participated in.[1] He, along with Grand Elder Ouyang, was visibly pleased with how the lad handled the sticky situation of being given a Dry Spirit Pill by giving it to Xu Qing instead. He later reappeared when the battle for entrance to the Inner Sect was held. He, at first, underestimated Meng Hao's capabilities and stated that Wang Tengfei would be a shoo-in for the Inner Sect spot. As time went on, however, he finally found himself more and more interested in Meng Hao.[citation needed]

He opened a street food stall that sold noodles with Grand Elder Ouyang after the collapse of the Reliance Sect. Their noodles were quite famous in the area.

More Quotes

This kid is pretty interesting. He just entered the Sect, but already knows that he should find someone to rely on. Don’t tell me he has innate instincts… Very good, splendid. He comprehends the true meaning of the Reliance Sect. This kid isn’t bad. He really isn’t bad!
On a conversation with Grand Elder Ouyang
on Chapter 5: This Kid isn't Bad!

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