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Grandma Meng is one of the minor characters in I Shall Seal the Heavens. She is the mother of Meng Li, making her the mother-in-law of Fang Xiufeng and the maternal grandmother of Meng Hao and Fang Yu. Her husband, Grandpa Meng, is the Lord of the Eighth Mountain and Sea.


She is renowned for her talent at designing and controlling defensive formations. This was displayed by her when she took over control of the Meng Clan protective shield.

Afterwards, Meng Hao opened up a hole in the barrier between the Eighth and the Ninth Mountain and Sea to allow her, the entire Meng Clan, and the remnants of the Han Clan to cross over and escape the war between the Eighth and the Seventh Mountain and Sea.

It is not known what happened to her during the destruction of the Mountain and Sea Realm and she is not mentioned after Meng Hao's return, after reaching Transcendence, to the Mountain and Sea Butterfly, even though almost all of the Meng Clan made it onto the Mountain and Sea Butterfly during the escape.

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