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The golden gate stone steles of the Nine Seas God World are trials by fire, numbering nine in total. Each of the stone steles vary, one tests the cultivator's divine sense and yet another examines fleshly body strength.


Each participant who enters into the top 100 on a golden gate stone stele receives an award based on what rank they achieve. Greater rewards come as you go from the top 100, to the top 50, and the top 30. 

Stone StelesEdit

Ninth Stone SteleEdit

  • Fleshly body trial by fire.

Eighth Stone SteleEdit

Seventh Stone Stele Edit

  • Trial by fire of divine sense

Seventh Stone SteleEdit

  • Divine sense trial by fire.

Fifth Stone SteleEdit

  • It is a trial by fire of slaughter. By experiencing a true battlefield, one can achieve the Dao of slaughtering.

Third Stone SteleEdit

  • Trial by fire regarding the Dao of Transformation.

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