The Golden Frost Sect is one of the former five great Sects of the Southern Domain. The Sect became an auxiliary branch of the Blood Demon Sect after the latter's retaliation.

History Edit

Li Fugui aka Fatty joined this sect after the Reliance Sect disbanded. Due to Fatty possessing spirit teeth the Golden Frost Sect treated him like the Sect Prince as spirit teeth are required for one their legacy techniques.During the Ancient Dao Lakes erruption, Meng Hao lead the Blood Demon Sect into strong-arming two of the Golden Frost Sect's three 3,000-meter dao lakes, leaving the last one as Fatty was gaining enlightenment one a daoist magic on it. Meng Hao killed one of Golden Frost Sect's spirit severing patriarchs after he tried to fight Meng Hao over a treasure.

When Meng Hao emerged from inside the 30,000-meter dao lake, the peak dao-seeking Patriarch of the Golden Frost Sect, in addition with the pao-dao seeking patriarchs of the Li Clan (Southern Domain) and the Solitary Sword Sect, chased Meng Hao to steal his true immortal soul. This event sparked the creation of the coalition to attack the Blood Demon Sect, although Blood Demon mentioned that this was merely a pretense.

During the Southern Domain Civil War, Meng Hao destroyed the puppet controlled by the Golden Frost Sect's spirit severing patriarchs when he unlocked the fourth level of the Blood Demon Grand Magic. The peak-dao seeking patriarch of the Solitary Sword Sect fuses with a puppet, provided by the Golden Frost Sect, containing the soul of a false immortal, provided by the Li Clan, after losing his fleshly body. After Blood Demon emerges, he kills the patriarch of the Solitary Sword Sect and makes the another patriarch of the Golden Frost Sect and the Patriarch of the Li Clan Dao protectors to Meng Hao by wiping out their will, essentially making them a puppet.

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