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Fang Yu is one of the recurring characters in the novel. She is a member of the Fang Clan and one of the clan's purest direct descendants. She is also Meng Hao's older sister. She resides at the Eastern Lands like her parents, Fang Xiufeng and Meng Li who decided to stay at South Heaven for the sake of Meng Hao.


Beautiful, seemingly charming and gentle but has a tendency with sudden outbursts of emotion. She is very frank and when angered does not hesitate to get back at the one responsible. She so often demonstrates her feelings through her fists that even Meng Hao treads as if walking on eggshells when he deals with her. She can be stubborn and hard-headed but she can also be caring. She has always been protective of her brother even when they were kids.


Book 3

Meng Hao encountered her in Choumen Tai's mental realm for the first time. She used incredibly powerful fist strikes to attack him. But after seeing the mark of the Nirvana Brand, a proof of his bloodline, she diverts her attack. This causes Meng Hao to think she's crazy. The second time Fang Yu encounters Meng Hao is in the ruins of the Demon Immortal Sect. This time around she helps Meng Hao a lot.

Books 5-7

She was revealed to be Meng Hao's older sister. It was secretly arranged that she be a sect disciple of the Church of the Immortal Emperor after breaking through the Immortal Realm. Thus, not even Fang Clan members were aware that she became a disciple of this sect. She then met Sun Hai there, a Chosen of the above-mentioned sect, who fell in love with her.


  • The "yu" in her name means beauty or jade. (Source: Wuxiaworld)

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