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Speech is endowed by Heaven, but requires tempering. If he can endure the training provided by the meat jelly and the parrot, then he will eventually gain the long-windedness of the meat jelly, and the acidic speech of the parrot.
Meng Hao about the attempts of Fang Xi to learn the "ways of a sharp tongue"
on Chapter 899: Difficult To Distinguish Between Enmity and Benevolence

Fang Xi is one of the characters in I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is a member of the Fang Clan, and a direct bloodline descendant. He is Meng Hao's younger cousin and the son of the clan's 19th Uncle.[1]

On Meng Hao's first appearance on East Victory, right after announcing himself as the eldest grandson of the clan's direct bloodline, Meng Hao also flippantly said that he was robbed off a million spirit stones. This statement prompted Fang Xi to volunteer in taking back his stolen goods. The matter was taken care of in a matter of seconds.

He later underwent the guidance of Lord Fifth and Ultimate Vexation to master the art of "speaking",[2] an art which he would put to brilliant use soon after. During Meng Hao's stay in East Victory, he would often accompany the latter and put his talking skills to use while he's at it.


Talkative and quite sly. His father often accuses him of jabbering to no end, a quality he decided to further sharpen by obtaining Meng Hao's help.



  • The "Xi" in his name means ‘west’. (Source: Wuxiaworld)

More Quotes

Coz, about your gift of the tongue… do you think you could teach me about that? My dad says that I jabber all the time, but that nothing I say makes sense. He’s even beaten me on more than one occasion because of it. Coz, could you help me out? Please?
Fang Xi pleads to Meng Hao
on Chapter 898: Do You Want to Die?!

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