The Eyeless Larva or also know as the Celestial Larva, is a part of the remarkable bugs with it being ranked fourth. Once it is born it will voice out only once during its entire lifetime, that only immortals can hear and with this voice, it steals one breath from all living beings giving it an immense life force. The thread could not be broken, nor could the larva be destroyed.


Other than its unbreakable thread the Eyeless Larva also has a special function to never let its hosts' soul dissipate. This lead Meng Hao who had been dead for sometime to survive long enough for someone to give them their life force reviving him, and leading Shui Dongliu to help Meng Hao comprehend the Eternal Stratum.

Creation Edit

It is born when you feed a Frigid Snow Larva, which can only be obtained from the Frigid Snow Clan, countless Mulberry Thunder Leaves. Only someone like Meng Hao, who has something like the Copper Mirror, could possibly raise one because of how many Mulberry Thunder Leaves it takes to feed the larva before it transforms, and if one doesn't have enough it will explode and annihilate everything in a three hundred kilometer radius.

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