There really isn’t anything truly Eternal in this world…
Meng Hao about the Eternal Stratum

The Eternal Stratum is a state above perfection. It allows for the wielder's body to have insane healing capabilities. While it seems to be eternal, it does have its limits. If it is used past what it is capable of handling, the recovering period slows down significantly and becomes almost useless, as seen when Meng Hao's body repeatedly tore apart and recovered during the Southern Domain Civil War and the Incursion of the Northern Reaches. His Eternal Stratum was later fully restored through Pill Demon's True Immortal qi when he ascended to become a True Immortal.

How to attainEdit

One has to sever his/her Dao fruit (a level beyond the perfect foundation) to be able to achieve Eternal Stratum. The method to achieving it has possibly been lost through the ravages of time and the collapse of the ancient cultivation world.

Known Wielder(s)Edit


  • Meng Hao exploded into blood mist but was able to reform.
  • Meng Hao during the East Sun Ascension was able to withstand being burnt until only one of his eyes was left before fully restoring himself withing a few breaths of time. [1]

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