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Cultivation Realms

Rank Sub-Realms Information
First Step
Spirit Realm
1 Qi Condensation
2 Foundation Establishment
3 Core Formation
4 Nascent Soul
5 Spirit Severing
6 Dao Seeking
False Immortal
Second Step
Immortal Realm
7 True Immortal The requirement to step out into the starry skies
Immortal Emperor The three special stages of True Immortality that requires someone with the Allheaven bloodline.
Allheaven Emperor Immortal
Allheaven Dao Immortal
Ancient Realm
8 Ancient Realm
Quasi-Dao Realm
Dao Realm
9 Dao Realm May also be referred to as Dao Lords,  Dao Sovereigns or Paragons depending on the amount of Essences they control.
Fourth Step
Transcendence Realm
10 Daosource Depending on what path of cultivation is taken, it can either be called DaosourceHeaven Trampling, or Boundless Dao.
11 Ancestor Realm
Fifth Step and beyond
Beyond Ancestor Realm
Unknown Realms


  • Cultivation, while referred to as such, is divided into two forms:
    • internal cultivation or the assimilation of Qi
    • external cultivation, herein referred to as "Alchemy"


Ancient records say that whoever is transcending tribulation is an inauspicious life form of Heaven and Earth. Everything within five thousand kilometers of that person will be turned into nothing but ash. Furthermore, it will be impossible to kill that person. The Heavens are difficult to fathom, especially in regards to dignity. The Heavens will exterminate this person, and won't allow others to assist. Attempting to kill that person during their tribulation is making yourself an enemy of the Heavens. The instant they get killed by the Tribulation Lightning, their body will explode into a ball of lightning.

According to ancient records, when that explosion of lightning occurs, everything within the Tribulation transcendence zone will be reduced to nothing. The only hope of survival for those inside the Tribulation transcendence zone is to make sure that the person undergoing the tribulation transcends their Tribulation. Furthermore, those inside the Tribulation transcendence zone can’t let the lightning infect their body. If it does, and you don’t die, then you are evoking Karma. If you evoke such Karma, then the Tribulation Lightning won’t stop until you’re dead.

Immortal Tribulations