Core Formation is the 3rd stage of Cultivation.

Stepping into Core FormationEdit

The pillars formed in Foundation Establishment melt and become a core.

Types of Cores Edit

  • Gold (Perfect)
  • Violet (Best)
  • Orange (Moderate)
  • Green (Moderate)
  • Crimson (Moderate)
  • Mixed (Worst)

Stages of Core Formation Edit

  • Early
  • Mid
  • Late : Spiritual Sense of cultivator could cover everything within a full 300 kilometer radius.
  • Great Circle of Core Formation

Core Qi Edit

Core Formation Cultivators can use Core Qi to make magical techniques reach the pinnacle of power. Different Cores would produce different Core Qi. Of course, the higher the level of the Core, the more likely it would be to produce Core Qi, and sooner. Obviously, the Core Qi would be much more powerful as well. Generally speaking, among Cultivators with a Violet Core, ninety percent would be able to cultivate Core Qi in the early Core Formation stage. For Orange, Crimson and Green Cores, they were monochromatic Cores, and would generally produce Core Qi during the mid Core Formation stage. Regarding Mixed Cores, they contained a variety of colors and were the lowest of the entire stage. Since, a Perfect Gold Core is above a Violet Core the Core Qi produced by a Gold Core must be stronger. Some cultivators are able to bring out the superior power of the Violet Core out of a lower level core such as Orange Core in order to cultivate Core Qi earlier.

Core qi seems to be able to employ techniques that take on a scenery such as mountains, rivers, and a Starfield such as those employed by Ji Hongdong. It can also use techniques that match the color of one's core such as the techniques used by the Azure Masked Black Lands cultivator. It can also be used by special objects imbued with the power of a person Qi such as the Blood Immortal Mask obtained in the Blood Immortal Legacy Tournament of the Ancient Doom Clan. The Core Qi produced by the mask is red like the color of blood.

There seems to be a positive correlation between Spiritual Sense and Core Qi. When Meng Hao obtained a piece of the Dao Divinity Scripture from the Immortal Choumen Tai he noted that: "The stronger one’s Spiritual Sense is, the stronger the Core Qi will be. With Core Qi powering magical techniques, the result will be even more shocking; similarly, Meng Hao’s ability to deduce the ultimate form of his techniques far surpassed others." It seems comprehension towards deducing techniques and Core Qi are strengthened with a higher Spiritual Sense.