The Church of Golden Light was unintentionally founded by Meng Hao when he fled the Southern Domain to enter the Black Lands. Initially, the "church" was just a group of rogue cultivators whom Meng Hao gave medicinal pills to, which are extremely rare in the Black Lands, in return for them bringing celestial soil back to him.  These cultivators soon grew in number that eventually lead to the formation of an "organization" spearheaded by Lord Fifth and Ultimate Vexation.

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After Meng Hao stole an item, under Lord Fifth 's suggestion, from an auction by the Dongluo Clan of Dongluo City who is a member of the United Nine Cities, escaped to the Black Lands. Due to this, the Han River Sect, a middle-level regional power, which was also bidding for that item chased after Meng Hao. Later, through the help of Ultimate Vexation and Lord Fifth, Meng Hao was able to empty out the bags of holding of every cultivator chasing after him. The patriarchs of the regional sects that included Patriarch Pockmarks, Patriarch Rubicund, and Patriarch Big-Head.

Afterwards, Meng Hao succeeded in luring the cultivators to his camp and right away got started on concocting a gold core pill, while the rogue cultivators held the pursuers back by using Lord Fifth's celestial spell formation. After a few days, Meng Hao succeeds in concocting the pill and uses the pursuers to survive the tribulation lighting. 

Meng Hao then chased around Patriarch Big-Head around for many days, and on the way made a name for himself as Patriarch Golden Light. Meng Hao then went back to Dongluo City to settle his debts with the Dongluo Clan. The place where he set up camp came to be known as the "Church of Golden Light". The name stuck and became the official name of this power.

During the Western Desert Apocalypse Migration , the Church of Golden Light came to help the Crow Divinity Tribe. Afterwards, the Church of Golden Light and Crow Divinity Tribe combined to form the Golden Crow Tribe.

After a hundred years, Meng Hao returned and eradicated the Heavenly Pursuit Tribe which almost pushed the Golden Crow Tribe to extinction, and then killed Heavenly Pursuit's Tribe's Patriarch Huyan in the Demon Immortal Sect.

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