Chapter Name
1410Bronze Replaces the Heavens
1411The Vast Expanse Bell Heralds the Arrival of a Paragon!
1412Reeling Them In!
1413So, Are You Going To Sell This Corpse?
1414Refining a Paragon Corpse!
1415Vast Expanse Dao Body!
1416Welcoming Light!
1417Who Cares If You Know!?
1418Ninth Paragon!
1419Putting Down Roots!
1420A Direction for Transcendence!
1422Leave My Mark!
1423Necropolis Ghost City!
1424The Ghost Masses Offer Worship!
1425Allheaven Fears the Immortal!
1426Bombardment of Killing Intent!
1427All Ye Shall Call Me Allheaven!
1428The Passing of Ages in Frescoes
1429A Deep Look at the Vast Expanse!
1430Crushing the Sixth Paragon!
1431One Flees, Terrified!
1432Transcendence Dais!
1433Killing With Witnesses!
1434Battling Jin Yunshan!
1435Heaven Ripping!
1436Fourth Fist Strike Devil-Butchering!
1437Sealing the World-Slaughtering Finger!
1438Void Divinity Conversion!
1439The Call of the Emperor
1440The Five Potentates!
1441Transcendence Dais!
1442He Won't Last Five Days!
1443Difficulty Completing the Ninth Hex!
1444Swear an Oath!
1445One Word!!
1446The Aura of the Copper Mirror!
1447Yeah, I Am!
1448A Year….
1450Joining the Sect!
1451Han Bei's Secret!
1453Enjoy Yourself, Prince!
1454You Screwed Us Over….
1455The Ninth Paragon Arrives!
1456Who Else?
1457Vast Expanse Shrine!
1458The Long and Broad
1459You're Fang Mu!
1460A Smile From the Peak!
1461Vast Expanse Shrine!
1462Establishing a Legend!
1463Seal the Heavens Hex!
1464Tolling in Nine Sects!
1465Completely Brazen!
1466Who Else?
1467Seven Sealing Marks Eradicate Tribulation!
1468I'm Here for the Copper Mirror!
1470Copper Mirror Shard!
1471Righteous Jin Yunshan!
1472That's Not How To Use That Mirror Shard!
1473Because It's Mine!
1474A Long, Long Path….
1475Marriage Alliance!
1476Of Course!
1477Provoking the Ninth Sect
1478The Third Mirror Shard
1479Stepping On All the Sects' Shrines!
1480Challenging all the Sects!
1481The Peak of the World
1482Looking Back at This Life!
1483On the Transcendence Path!
1484Extinguishing Soul Lamps on the Path!
1485Malicious Intentions!
1486The Clone Passes Away In Meditation
1488Little Tiger Shi (Chapter)
1489Chen Lei (Chapter)
1490Little Mute (Chapter)
1491Xu Liuyun (Chapter)
1492Mutt (Chapter)
1493Wait Until I Grow Up….
1494Little Treasure (Chapter)
1495World of Ice and Fire!
1496Decision by Battle
1497Borrowing Power for the Search!
1498The Return Call!
1499Familiar Fluctuations!
1500Holding the Line!
1501Set Foot In Here, and Die!
1502Who Am I?
1503Transcendent Armor!
1504Song Daozi!
1505You Are The Son of Allheaven
1506Cut Off Outside the Vast Expanse!
1507Can't Tell Clearly
1508Vast Expanse Society (Chapter)
1509Following the Crowd
1510Strange Occurrences!
1511I'm Meng Hao!!
1512It All Falls Apart!
1513Five Pillars!
1514Chapter 1514
1515Call Me Lord Fifth, Bitches!
1516The Return!
1517Hunting Down Han Bei!
1518Nearing the Ninth Reincarnation!
1519Han Bei Perishes!
1520Sculpt the Heavens!
1521The Heavens Inflict Punishment!
1522Oh How Cruel
1523My Destiny!
1524Nine Reincarnations Together!
1525Goodbye, Yan'er
1526A Place to Transcend!
1527Vast Expanse Leads the Defense!
1528The Necropolis Again
1529Flying Over the Land Masses!
1530The Ninth Land Mass!
1532All Ye Living Beings Art My Sons
1533Dissolving the Hex!
1534Fuse With Me!
1535I Am Meng Hao, Here I Transcend!
1536Extinguishing the Bronze Lamp!
1537Daosource Complete!
1538A Universe!
1539The Meat Jelly Shall Be Resurrected
1540The Return of Lord Third!
1541Lost in the Act!
1542Demon Sovereign!
1543Target 33 Heavens!
1544Excited and Trembling!
1545Dao Fang, Do You Remember Me?!
1546Destroying the Aeon Span!
1547Exterminating Dao Fang!
1549The Lands of the Sinners Shall Not Remain!
1550Death Cannot Wipe Out Your Crimes!
1551I'll Wait For You On the 10th Heaven!
1552The Traitorous Ninth Sea!
1553The Return of the Demon Sovereign!
1554Transcendence Treasure!
1555Summoning the Mountains and Seas!
1556The Most Powerful Mountain and Sea!
1557I Bestow Upon You the Title of Ninth Sea!

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