Chapter Name
205Dispelling Poison with the Cubic Pearl!
206The Huang Clan Five Immortals
207This is a Pretty Nice Immortal's Cave
208Ask Not The Heavens Regarding Slaying the Flower
209Opportunity for a Secret Meeting
210Joining the Violet Fate Sect
211A Despicable Name
212Nature Talent Appears!
213Violet Fate Celestial Land (Chapter)
214We Finally Meet Again….
215Lift Your Head
216The Meaning of Grandmaster
217Struggling for Plant Mastery
218First Round First Place!
219Not Fair!
220Promotion to Master Alchemist!
221A Newcomer to the Dao of Alchemy
222Signs of Rocking the Violet Fate Sect
223How Alchemist Fang Carries Himself
224Medicinal Pills Can Foster Life, Poison Can Exterminate It!
225Rising to the Pinnacle!
226Liu's Rule!
227Pill Blacklist!
228Falling Leaves are Beautiful; They Only Live One Season
229Because this Will, Can Only Belong to Devils!
230Bury Devils Beneath the Earth
231Pill Auction
232Bedevilment Pill!
233The Earth, The Heavens!
234Grandmaster Pill Cauldron (Chapter)
235Apprentice's Fee
236More Aftershocks
237Meeting Grandmaster Pill Cauldron
238Determined to Prevail!
239Li Fugui — Give Me Face, or Give Me Death!
240Screw This
241Violet Qi from the East
242Alchemy Dao Transmutation Incantation
243I Dare You To Say That Again!
244Debate in the Alchemy Valley
245Back To the Black Sieve Sect
246World Pill Division (Chapter)
247Kill Me!
248The Origin of Time!
250Giving Birth to the Transformations of the Sun and Moon
251Meng Hao's Dao of Alchemy!
253Primordial Heavenly Replenishing Pill!
254Thunder Across a Plain
255She Was Floating in the Wind
256Bottom Line
257Soul Refining
258Grand Matriarch Phoenix (Chapter)
259I Want To Watch You Fade Into the Distance
260Five Years Without a Fight!
261The Killing Heart is Still There!
262First Battle with Core Formation!
263Ancient Dao Geyser
264A Shout Like a Clap of Thunder
265Out of Seclusion!
266The Faceless Azure Hero!
267Black Lands Cultivators
268The Height of the Heavens and the Depth of the Earth
269He's the Faceless Azure Hero!
270Battling Core Formation!
271Soul Emergence Sword, Slay the Lone Star!
272Massive Cultivation Base Breakthrough!
273Tenth Dao Pillar, Form!
274The Flag Flies; Destroy the Three Incarnations!
275The Difference Between Meng Hao and Fang Mu!
276Stop Fooling Around
277Eastern Emergence Mountain
278The Tenth Candidate
279Opening the Pill Furnace
280Life Furnace?
281Die Rather Than Submit!
282The First Region
283Goofing Off
284Three People; Three Daos of Alchemy
285Who is the Strongest?
286The Most Powerful!
287Creating Something out of Nothing
288Peach Blossom
289Which Path to Choose?
290This Life
291A Thousand Pills Form a Cauldron!
292Pill Cauldron Fang Mu
293Legacy Apprentice
294Complete Legacy!
295Green Mark
296Another Encounter with Ji!
297Still Somewhat Pleased With Himself
298The Corpse Moved!
299Destroying Totems in the Maze
300An Ancient Starry Sky
301Immortal Shows the Way
303The Bloodline of the Ji Clan
304Core Formation!!
305Do You Dare to Kill Me!?
306Slaying Ji!
307Fang Mu is Meng Hao!
308I'm His Master!
309Another Wave Rises
310Blazing as Brilliantly as Ever!
311Now That is a Cultivator!
312Because This Person, Is Filled With Insanity!
313She's an Immortal!

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