Chapter Name
96Demonic Jade in a Mountain Valley
97Cultivation Breakthrough in a Mountain Valley
98Valley of the Red Rope
99Foundation Establishment!
100Blade Against Flawlessness
101Eighth Generation Demon Sealer (Chapter)
102Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!
104A Great Wind Arises, The Roc Spreads its Wings
105Poison Blossoms in the Right Eye
106The Day the Resurrection Lily Blooms in Seven Colors
107Spring and Autumn Tree (Chapter)
108The Secret Struggle Begins
109The Legend of Doom
110Chu Yuyan's Killing Intent
111The Roc and the Flying Rain-Dragon
112Things Change
113An Altar in a Lake
114Many Thanks, Fellow Daoist Chu
115Do You Want Out?
116Legacy of an Immortal!
117A Tiny Little Punishment
118Without Entering Mount Heaven, Immortal Ascension is Impossible
119The Legacy Shocks the Southern Domain
120The Five Sects and Three Clans of the Southern Domain
121Meng Hao's Blood Divinity
122Reaching an Agreement
123Converging Sense into the Form
124Breaking Through the Matrix
125This Matrix Was Made for It
126Out of Nowhere
127This is My Promise to You
128Li Daoyi's Sixth Matrix
129Li Clan Patriarch!
130The Perfect Foundation!!
131I'm Here to Keep My Promise!
132Perfect Dao Pillar!
133Do You Dare?!
134The Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!
135Breaching the Volcano
136Zhou Daya!
13710th Patriarch of the Wang Clan (Chapter 137)
138Good Luck Charm
139Thunderclap Leaf (Chapter)
140Don't You Know the Rules?
141The Cosmetic Cultivation Pill Appears Again
142Black Sieve Sect (Chapter)
143Ghost in the Night
144A Figure in the Crowd
145An Ancient Mountain Path
146This is Ultimate Vexation!
147Looking at Each Other
148Things Are About To Go Down
149Killing Intent!
150Simple and Uncomplicated
151I'll Do It Myself
152Words Under the Moon With An Old Companion
153Barring the Way
154To Each His Own Path
155The Last Person
156Fear of Meng Hao
157A Cauldron with a Square Exterior!
158Coexist with Ji?!
159Square Without, Round Within; a Trend of the Heavens
160No Meng in the Nine Families
161Ultimate Vexation Appears!
162Crafty Schemes
163Tender Killing
164That Bird's Aura
165Sieve Net Thunder Tree!
166Ultimate Vexation Bonds a Master!
167You Know, That's Immoral
168The Xiao Clan Gifts the Lake
169Heavens, You Really Don't Know?
170Lonely Sang Luo
171Blood Demon Dao Child
172Charging into mid Foundation Establishment!
173Rejected by the Heavens? Plunder!
174Perfect Mid Foundation Establishment!
175Li Shiqi (Chapter)
176Believe Your Granny
177Using its Strength
178An Old Friend
179Sect Brothers
180Shan Ling (Chapter)
181Meeting One's Match, the General Meets the Genius
182There's Always a Bird Out There That's Better Than You
183How Long Since We Saw That Shy Face?
184Seven Exterminations
185Gathering at the Song Clan
186Another Encounter with Wang Tengfei
187Good Old Fatty
188True Love is Priceless
189All the Enemies Arrive
190Respected Senior
191Defeat after Defeat!
192Games with Han Bei
193The Flower Blooms at Dawn!
194Will of the World Tree
195Suppressing Everyone
196Followed by All Eyes
197Sublime Spirit Scripture!
198The Number One Person in Foundation Establishment!
199The Tenth Path!
200Killing Amidst the Night Rain!
201The Dao Child Fights!
202Confrontation of the Peaks!
203I am Strong! I Shall Take My Stand!
204The League of Demon Sealers!

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