The Black Sieve Sect is one of the former five great Sects of the Southern Domain. The Black Sieve Sect was later destroyed when Meng Hao and the Blood Demon Sect retaliated.

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The Black Sieve Sect can be considered as two sects or one sect with two separate halves. The living half is called the Black Yang Sect, while the necro half which consists of discarnate souls is the Sieve Yin Sect. It is speculated that the Sieve Yin Sect is in control amongst the two.

The Sieve Yin Sect contains an underground cavern that connects to a different world known as the Blessed Land. Inside is located a lightning cauldron that contains the three parts of a time treasure. Furthermore, it contains the spirit of the Han clan ancestor which was later found by and taken by Han Bei. Meng Hao found Ultimate Vexation inside the lightning cauldron, who later bonds Meng Hao as its' master. 

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Li Fugui informed Meng Hao that Xu Qing had been trapped under the Black Sieve Sect to be refined into a treasure due to the aura of rebirth on her. Enraged, Meng Hao attacked the Black Sieve Sect, ravaging the sect's spiritual energy and killing thousands of disciples and hundreds of patriarchs. 

During the Ancient Dao Lakes erruption, Meng Hao led the Blood Demon Sect into strong-arming two of the Golden Frost Sect's three 3,000-meter dao lakes, leaving the last one as Fatty was gaining enlightenment a daoist magic on it. Meng Hao killed one of Golden Frost Sect's spirit severing patriarchs after he tried to fight Meng Hao over a treasure.

During the Southern Domain Civil War, Meng Hao killed the Black Sieve Sect's only dao seeking patriarch, essentially sealing its fate.

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