The Ancient Realm is the cultivation realm above the Immortal Realm.

The potential of a cultivator in the Ancient Realm usually depends on the number of Soul Lamps one can create after ascending and the power gained depends on the number of Soul Lamps extinguished.To then progress further in their cultivation, Ancient Realm cultivators then have to extinguish each soul lamp with increasing difficulty with each successive lamp using their life force until they reach the great circle at which point they can attempt to step into the Dao Realm.

Only a cultivator of the True Immortal Realm can ascend to this realm.

Stages in the Ancient RealmEdit

Since every person has a different amount of Soul Lamps; each person at each stage of the Ancient Realm will have differences.

  • Early
  • Mid
  • Late
  • Peak

Special RealmsEdit

Seven DesolationsEdit

Every five soul lamps extinguished brings one Desolation.[1] Few people experience the Fourth Desolation, and even rarer is the Fifth Desolation. Some people only experience the Third Desolation The further along you get, the more dangerous they become.

  1. Desolation of Delusion [1]
  2. Desolation of Fleshly Body [2]
  3. Desolation of Heart [3]
  4. Desolation of Soul [4]

Soul LampsEdit

Soul Lamps are the objects that are cultivated during the Ancient Realm. After acquiring their Soul Lamps, they will start out lit. The cultivators will then have to work on extinguishing them.

Prime LampEdit

Main Article: Prime Lamp

The Prime Lamp is what the very last Soul Lamp that a cultivator just stepping into the Ancient Realm will ignite — excluding the Paragon Lamp which is virtually impossible to ignite without the blood of a Paragon.[5]

Prime Lamp is different from the other Soul Lamps as it is also the most powerful one. It is colored blood red.[6]

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